Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Månförmörkelsen ~~ The Lunar Eclipse

Röd Måne.
Jag erkänner att jag fuskar lite här, fotot är taget utav min man. Det är blurrigt men jag är fortfarande stolt över det eftersom det är det första i sitt slag som vi har tagit.

Red Moon.
I admit that I'm cheating a little here, my husband took the photot. It's blurred but I'm still proud over it since it's the first of it's kind that we have taken.


moggie said...

hello, sanna! thanks for your visit and encouraging comment in moggiesworld.

i absolutely love your blogs, especially your photos and bird pics. may i ask what camera and lens you use?

i will definitely visit often and hope you post new photos.

what's amazing is we seem to share almost the same interest in subjects we 'shoot'.

take care and do visit often! : )

Sanna said...

Hi there!
I started out with an Olympus, but now I have a Canon EOS 350D. I don't know what lens I have, I'm so new to this that I have to read on the box and the box is missing right now. *blushes*

I'm hoping to get energy to fill up with missing photos in the future. 3 computer crashes since June last year made me lose the energy to even try and get something done.

Be well!