Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rondell dinosaurier ~~ Roundabout dinosaurs

Alla svenskar känner väl till fenomenet med rondell hundar och rondell djur vid det här laget så det behövs väl inte förklaras. >>En wiki om fenomentet.<< >>Rondell konst<< >>Mer rondell konst<<

All Swedes probably know about the roundabout dog and roundabout animal phenomena by now, but I'll explain a bit more about it in English.

The phenomena started back in early 2006 when the art called "Cirkulation II" by Stina Optiz was vandalized. Her sculpture of a dog made in concrete was placed in a roundabout in Linköping and the vandals beheaded it. The sculpture was removed to be fixed and a wooden dog was put up by Akademi Vreta Kloster later that year.
The roundabout dogs and other animals can now be found all over Sweden and they have also been spotted in other countries. The roundabout dog Lars has his own blog where he tells about his journeys through England. (In Swedish.) The roundabout dogs and animals are made by private persons with various degrees of imagination and artist skills and are put in the roundabouts secretly. The local news papers often report about new art that has been put up and there are speculations about who made them.
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